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we are hochform.

We rely heavily on the skills of our senior executive and employees as well as an office culture of team spirit and mutual respect. We guarantee our clients and partners a high-performing team as well as individual and committed customer liaison.

team since 2015.

Adam Hudec

Akram Hilal

Akvile Rimantaite

Alejandro Casanova

Anita Lischka

Anna Rita Cedroni

Anna Turbok

Avin Fathulla

Balzar Mark

Barbara Swed

Bernhard Wolf

Bojana Vucinic

Burak Genc

Can Berk Onbasioglu

Carlos Alonso

Christian Labud

Christoph Wassmann

Clara Fidesser

Claudia Alexa Nolden

Claudiu Silvestru

Clemens Aniser

Corina Liliana Negrila

Damian Witt

Denise Sokolowski

Dieter Schukraft

Dilara Ceren Oylum

Donna Riedel

Ekin Veziroglu

Elisabeth Eder

Emanuele Iacono

Emina Hasic

Erim Gökalpay

Eugene Sares

Florian Schafschetzy

Franz Kreczy

Giuseppe Zagaria

Göknur Isci

Halina Jelinek

Hannes Swed

Ioana Laura Constantin

Ivana Kotenová

Jaroslava Brhelova

Javier Sancho Andrés

Johannes Behrens

Johannes Weigl

Jonathan Kaserer

Juan Corena Herrera

Julia Zsabetich

Klausecker Markus

Kristyna Trojanova

Majed Naseri

Marcella Brunner

Marek Hogiel

Maria Letizia Martani

Martin Jelinek

Maximilian Klammer

Maximilian Urs Abele

Mehmet Köklü

Milica Paunovic

Panagiota Georgelou

Patrick Olczykowski

Patrizia Walka

Penelope Rüttimann

Rebecca Merlic

Sabina Riss

Sandra Ajutyte

Sandra Martinez

Sergio Gonzalez

Severin Goidinger

Severin Türk

Silvano Patton

Sören butcher

Susanne Boyer

Susanne Leeb

Thomas Kropatschek

Thomas Swed

Tudor Lupu

Verena Boyer

Wolfgang Ennser

Wolfgang Ruthensteiner

Yann Riedel

Young Jin Kim



Thomas Schwed

Executive Partner

Wolfgang R.jpg

Wolfgang Ruthensteiner



Markus Klausecker



Christian Andreas Maeder



Johannes Behrens.jpg

Johannes Behrens


Damian Witt.jpg

Damian Witt

Executive Partner

about us.

We are a highly qualified team with an excellent portfolio of completed projects.

Whether it’s urban development, high-rise buildings, historic preservation or a community center. For each task there is a team with longstanding experience – and should we ever be at a loss, we have a substantial network of experts at our disposal.

We cooperate with architects internationally, in order to realize outstanding projects.

We are a highly requested partner to support internationally renowned architects on-site in Austria and Germany. We take responsibility and carry on their vision – as experienced general planner and creative partner.

We are assertive and self-critical.

In a critical dialogue, each project has to comply with our standards of quality and those of its prospective user. Each opinion counts. And when we are convinced by a project, we are unstoppable.

We develop solutions in cooperation with our clients.

hochform. considers all options to reach the ideal solution in cooperation with the client. We do not hesitate to take a step back in order to move forward.

We do not use technology as an end in itself, but for its purpose.

No matter if it’s BIM, Industrie 4.0 or the newest building product: we know the market and the challenges of the information era. But in practice, it’s mostly longstanding experience that counts.

We see architecture in the discourse of its history, its place and a rapidly changing society.

Historical continuity, the conscious analysis of the place and the social relevance of architecture are basic principles of our creative approach.

We always have the built environment and the environment of the future in mind.

Every site, every building has its own present and future. For us, sustainability means change and flexibility. Minimizing the ecological footprint is essential.

We are not looking for the spectacular, but for subject matter.

Additional to form, we engage with the narrative of a design. Each action has to be plausible and bring substance to the project.

We love numbers.

Costs and proportions, room sizes and square meters, economic feasibility and parametric design – we love precision.

We can be blazing fast and we take our time.

As architects we are used to meet deadlines, but that does not stop us from letting a conceptual thought mature.

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