palais börseplatz.

Börseplatz 1

1010 Vienna (AT)

The former imperial telegraph office from 1873, then central post- and telecommunication head office is a heritage listed building in Vienna’s City centre.


ARGE Architektur Börseplatz 1
hochform. Architekten
Architektur Consult

Project category

Residence Redevelopment


Börseplatz 1 GmbH & Co KG

Building data

Gross floor area: 10,579 m²

Approximate areas

Living: 7,495 m²

Commercial use: 453.8 m²

Other: 2,629 m² (wine cellar, children’s playroom, stroller storage room, garage)


Feasibility Study

Concept design

Developed Design

Planning application

Technical Design

Construction coordination


Under Construction


Project director: Wolfgang Ruthensteiner, Georg Böhm

Project leader: Johannes Weigl

Project leader construction coordination: Herwig Stern, Hannes Hiebl
Project team: Bernhard Wolf, Alexa Nolden, Isabel Zapata, Liliana Negrila, Martin Jelinek, Avin Fathulla, Clemens Werb, Ernst Plank, Angelika Viertler

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: kppk ZT GmbH
Building services: Allplan GesmbH
Building physics: Allplan GesmbH
Electrical engineering: Allplan GesmbH

Refurbishment including the complex conversion of the attic storey will accommodate luxury apartments, office space and ancillary spaces on a total gross floor area of 10,600 m². In close cooperation with the national heritage agency every single architectural measure preserves the legacy of old Viennese architecture, while at the same time creating space for modern requirements. In accordance with the building structure a total of 39 apartments with three different categories are created. Floors 1 to 3 will accommodate 27 luxurious 1 or 2-bedroom apartments in sizes ranging from 78 m² to 223 m². Floors 4 and 5 house six Imperial Lofts in sizes from 237 m² to 511 m² with room heights of 7,5 metres and 4 m high windows. Six spectacular Skyview penthouses on floor 6 and the fully newly adapted attic storey with integrated, historic steel truss construction also offer galleries and roof terraces, and vary in sizes from 130 m² to 304 m².


The building provides various amenities including a concierge service, a wine- and tasting cellar and a children’s party room. As a matter of fact, natural building materials and environmentally friendly building technologies are applied.

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