zollhafen mainz.

Rheinallee 1

55116 Mainz (DE)

Since 2011, a mixed-use quarter with a gross floor area of 355,000 m² for 2,500 people and 4,000 jobs has been under construction in the former Zollhafen Mainz, including retail, social, cultural and gastronomic facilities as well as public open spaces. At the entrance to the quarter, on the newly developed Rheinallee I construction site next to the striking Kunsthalle Mainz, a hotel in the lifestyle segment and an attractive multi-storey apartment building directly on the waterfront are being built.

The hotel is situated as an independent 6-storey building opposite the Kunsthalle. It accommodates 195 rooms and an underground car park with 103 parking spaces. The building is connected to the residential building via an annex on the upper floors.


The residential construction comprises several components with owner-occupied and rented apartments. Three solitary buildings directly on the waterfront house 39 condominiums. These are comprised of an L-shaped component with a total of 77 rental apartments. All lounges are oriented towards water.


The facades have a horizontal structure with floor-to-ceiling glass panels and intermediate, recessed floor-to-ceiling clinker brick elements. The base areas differ in colour and material from the façade areas.


KBNK Architekten

Project category

New-built​, urban quarter


Soravia (Wien)

Heureka Development (Darmstadt)

Planning period

Since 2019

Construction period

From 2020​

Building data

Plot size: 6,360 m²
Built up area: ca. 3,737 m²

Gross floor area above ground: 18,766 m²

below ground: 6,044 m²



Technical design​


Technical design​


Project director: Damian Witt
Project leader: Thomas Schwed
Project team: Juan Corena, Bojana Vucinic, Jonathan Kaserer, Can Berk Onbasioglu, Ioana Constantin, Dilara Ceren Oylum, Penelope Rüttimann-Thomas, Susanne Boyer, Julia Zsabetich, Panagiota Georgelou

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer & building physics: S.A.N. Beratende Bauingenieure GmbH

TGA:  Molin Industrie - Inbetriebnahme & Montage

Gesellschaft mbH. & Co.KG
Electrical engineering:  EIT Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Fire safety engineer: Petry & Horne
Façade consulting: Elmar Neuroth

Open space planning: Landschafts.Architektur Birgit Hammer

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