residential complex fürbergstraße.


Fürbergstraße – Anton-Graf-Straße

5020 Salzburg (AT)

On the 9,820 m² site in a heterogeneous, commercially used environment and nearby railway tracks, a car-free settlement with 96 apartments and social facilities with 79 assisted living units on 12,470 m² GFA will be created.

The urban development concept comprises two north-south running development lines of four and five adjoining point houses respectively. These are connected underground by storage and building services areas as well as 186 parking spaces. The point houses are arranged in staggered rows along a common, continuous access zone with corridors and bridges. The glazed stairwells between two buildings create visual references and ground-floor permeability also in an east-west direction.


Each point house has the necessary flexibility to enable a wide range of required, diverse, experimental and flexible living forms and floor plan configurations. Social institutions and assisted living units are located in the northern point houses. Rental apartments are located on the lower floors, hire-purchase apartments on the middle floors and condominiums on the upper floors. In addition to open spaces related to the flats as terraces, gardens and balconies, there are communal roof terraces, a central, greened garden between the building lines and an adventure playground at the Weiherwiesbach biotope.

Project category



Heimat Österreich gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Planning period


Building data

Plot size: 9,820 m²
Gross floor area: 12,470 m² max.

Approximate areas

Apartments: 180​




Competition complete


Project leader: Christoph Wassermann
Project team:  Young Jin Kim, Eugen Sares, Christoph Wassmann, Majed Naseri, Marcella Brunner  

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: Zieritz und Partner, 3100 St. Pölten
Energy & climate design: Ingenieurbüro P. Jung, 1010 Vienna
Open space planning: Land in Sicht, 1030 Vienna

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