townhall groß-enzersdorf.

Competition, 3rd place

Hauptplatz 11

2301 Groß-Enzersdorf (AT)

In the municipality of Groß-Enzersdorf, extensive revitalisation and redesign measures are to be carried out in the historic town centre with the Burghofareal, town halls, Amthaus and Hauptplatz. This undertaking is in the context of the municipality’s application to host the “Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition” in 2021.

The competition entry proposes an open cultural forum as a pulsating city centre with permanent use as well as a venue for the Provincial Exhibition. The main square, which has already been used as a market square, will be functionally staged in a new way and will act in dialogue with the adjoining local spaces. The Burghofareal will receive improved accessibility and will become the central location for everyday use as an attractive, multi-playable event location and forecourt of the expanded event centre.

The new event hall in the Burghof is a central component of the revitalisation and expansion of the old city halls into a 970 m² event centre. As an amorphous, wood-clad structure it creates a flow of movement towards the foyer. The new, glass, two-storey foyer with staged, historical wall remains opens up additional ancillary areas as well as the renovated Old Town Hall on the first floor. Flexible rooms on the upper floor will be designed for the Amtshaus.

Building category

Revitalisation and redesign of buildings and public areas


Stadtgemeinde Groß-Enzersdorf

Planning period


Building data

Plot size: 9,636 m²
Built up area: 1,572 m²
DGF: 2,019 m²

Floor area ratio: 1,758 m²


EU-wide, open, two-stage, anonymous realisation competition (3rd place)


Competition stages 1 and 2 complete


Project director: Wolfgang Ruthensteiner
Project leader: Claudiu Silvestru
Project team: Claudiu Silvestru, Clemens Aniser, Halina Jelinek

Consultants and specialist planners

Open space planning: Land in Sicht


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