production building erber group.

Technopark 5

3430 Tulln an der Donau (AT)

The Erber Group, a global leader in feed and food safety, and the American subsidiary Romer Labs, a specialist in food diagnostics, combine several international production facilities at one location in Tulln.


querkraft Architekten

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Erber Group AG

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Plot size: 5,140 m²


Review process with invitation

Lead design with Querkraft Architekten


Review process completed


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Research and development, production, quality control, analytical service laboratory and technical support are located in the immediate vicinity of the existing technology center and research and development centers.


The two-storey, free-standing production building is completely bypassable to allow adaptability to a changed workflow. The vertically accentuated façade structure is continued in the surface design of the surrounding parking spaces including groups of trees and common areas.


The heart of the building is an inner courtyard with the staging of a jungle, which contrasts with the scientific working environment. The global office concept developed by Erber Group AG for all future locations will also be implemented here. It is based on an open space principle in combination with individual and group offices and is based on a 1.35 m grid.

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