office park 4.


Parking lot D, Tower Straße

1300 Vienna Airport (AT)

The multifunctional Airport City developed by Vienna International Airport and the surrounding municipalities is a regional business and residential location with a total of 230 companies and 20,000 jobs on 100,000 m² of office and event space and 20,000 m² of retail space. The new Office Park 4, a 25,000 m² office complex in the immediate vicinity of the Vienna Airport Tower, is intended to be innovative, communicative and international at the same time as a landmark and pioneer for further local urban development.



Building  category

New built


Flughafen Wien AG

Flughafen Office Park 4 Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH

Planning period





Competition complete


Project director: Johannes Behrens, Markus Klausecker, Thomas Schwed
Project team: Halina Jelinek, Severin Türk, Thomas Kropatschek, Christoph Wassmann

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: Bollinger Grohmann Schneider ZT GmbH
Building physics: Deerns, IC Consulenten
Building services: SCHMIDT REUTER Ingenieurbüro für technische Gebäudeausrüstung und Haustechnik

Fire safety engineer: Rabl ZT GmbH, Graz
Fassaden Consulting: Fassade

The public, multifunctional base zone with central access offers retail, gastronomy, exhibition and lounge on two floors, a kindergarten, co-working spaces, meeting areas and seminar and lecture rooms.


Above this, office space on five standard floors is arranged in a U-shape around a spacious inner courtyard. The 17.80 m deep wings with a support grid of 5.60 m and positioning of the access cores enable the configuration of office units of different sizes – a maximum of 8 per floor. The facade grid of 1.40 m enables a variety of office concepts such as individual offices, combination offices, team offices and open-plan offices.


The heart of the complex is an eight-storey orangery. It is a winter garden with catering facilities and thus a meeting point and attraction. In terms of building climate, it serves as a wind barrier and summer heat buffer.

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