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51145 Cologne (DE)

hochform. is the general planner of the new hotel building for the operator Leonardo Hotels in the new Airport City Cologne near Cologne Airport. According to Lammerting Immobiliengruppe’s master plan, another hotel, two office buildings and a central multi-storey car park will be built in the immediate vicinity.

The L-shaped, 5-storey building with a gross floor area of 8,481 m² enables efficient organisation of the 227 hotel rooms, the conference area, the restaurant with kitchen as well as the staff and storage rooms. The spacious glazed entrance lobby, which also opens to the east side garden, is accentuated by the canopy.


The facades consist of light-coloured grooved plaster, loosened up in the entrance area by a metallic facade cladding, which serves as a climbing aid on the south side. The facade openings with window soffits in the same materiality create an interesting, three-dimensional appearance through their inclined, partly opaque glass surfaces.

Project category



MTK-SN Invest 1 GmbH

Planning period

since 2019

Construction period


Building data

Plot size: 4,560 m²
Built up area: 1,505 m²
Gross floor area: 8,481 m²
Gross volume: 26,795 m³


Lead design for all phases

Preliminary design

Concept design

Technical design

Building application

Local construction supervision


Technical design


Project director: Markus Klausecker
Project leader: Anita Lischka
Project team: Marek Hogiel, Clemens Aniser, Maria Letizia Martani, Sergio Gonzalez, Severin Goidinger  

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: Schüssler-Plan
Building physics: IPJ Ingenieurbüro P. Jung GmbH
Building services: Thermoprojekt Haustechnische Planungs GmbH
Electrical engineering: ZTB Grasser
Fire safety engineer: HHP Süd Sachverständige für Brandschutz GmbH
Surveyor: Vermesserbüro RLS, Hajo Lühring, Jürgen Sonntag

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