lehndorfer hof.

Competition, 1st place

Am Spitz 2–3, Schlosshofer Straße 2–6

1210 Vienna (AT)

Lehndorfer Hof has been a significant building complex in the heart of Vienna-Floridsdorf. Built 1908 it was reconstructed following war damages and later further building-parts were added. The existing six different buildings varying in building age, conservation status, height and use shall be adapted and floors added.

Project category

Attic ​extension, conversion, extension​


Realtrade Immobilien Gruppe

Planning period


Building data

Plot size: 4,267 m²
Built up area: 4,013 m²
Gross floor area: 24,778 m²

Floor area ratio: 29,937 m²
Gross volume: 67,000 m³

Approximate areas

Attic extension: 49 apartments


Concept/study/competition (2015)
Preliminary design (2015)
Developed design (2016–2017)
Planning application (2016)
Technical design (2017–2020)

Artistic overhead management (2021–2022)


Under construction

Team Competition

Project director: Christoph Wassmann, Markus Klausecker

Project team: Halina Jelinek

Team preliminary & concept design

Project director: Christoph Wassmann, Markus Klausecker

Project team: Halina Jelinek, Avin Fathulla

Team Einreichung & Ausschreibungsplanung

Project director:  Markus Klausecker

Projekt leader: Sören Fleischhauer

Projekt Team: Denise Sokolowski, Avin Fathulla, Martin Jelinek, Elisabeth Eder, Severin Türk, Susanne Boyer, Claudiu Silvestru, Liliana Negrila, Juan Corena, Christoph Wassmann

Team Ausführung & Künstlerische Oberleitung

Project director: Markus Klausecker
Project leader: Sören Fleischhauer, Denise Sokolowski

Project team: Sandra Ajutyte, Silvano Patton, Julia Zsabetich, Bojana Vucinic, Juan Corena Herrera, Susanne Boyer

Consultants and specialist planners 2015–2017

Structural engineer: kppk zt gmbh
Building services: Schmidt Reuter GesmbH
Building physics: kppk zt gmbh
Elektrotechnik: Schmidt Reuter GesmbH
Fire safety engineer: kppk zt gmbh

Vermessung: Meixner Vermessung ZT GmbH

Consultants and specialist planners 2020–2022

Structural engineer: Hnik Hempel Meler ZT GmbH
Building services: TB Freunschlag GmbH
Building physics: iC consulenten ZT GesmbH
Fire safety engineer: IMS-Brandschutz Ingenieurbüro GmbH

The redevelopment and extension create a total gross floor area of 24,778 m² comprising 142 residential units, 6 offices, 16 shops and 76 underground parking spaces. In the existing floors, vacant office space is being converted into dwelling units. Added floors on levels four to seven house residential units. The passage on ground level will be adapted for a contemporary look.

The overall design intention is to harmonize the whole building complex and create one large-scale form. Added floors act as a visual bracket to unify varying building heights and align them with the neighboring buildings. Subsequent alterations of the 1950s facade, such as the bay window, are removed in order to achieve a continuous street appearance. The facade of the commercially used ground floor receives a uniformed configuration.

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