interspar hypermarkt amstetten.

Agathastrasse 1

3300 Amstetten (AT)

The existing Interspar market, built in 1992, undergoes extensive general refurbishment and expansion, creating a completely new look and feel. The building is brought up to date in terms of size, technical requirements and functionality. A new underground car park doubles the number of parking spaces.

The building can be seen from afar through its striking, cantilevered and three-dimensionally curved roof, which tapers to a point of 10 m in height. 4,000 iridescent stainless steel spheres are attached to the underside of the roof, which continue into the interior of the building as a wavy perforated surface and invite to a shopping experience. A particularly atmospheric situation is created above all by lighting and reflection on the spherical surfaces. The completely glazed entrance area located under the canopy is further marked by structural elements such as the L-shaped red frame, the round carousel door and the cube-like winter garden of the restaurant. Inside, a new mall opens up the food market, the restaurant and other operating areas.


The planning process was carried out with BIM (Building Information Modelling). The conversion measures will be carried out in two construction phases from autumn 2018 to autumn 2019, with sales operations continuing.

Project category

Retail, extension and conversion


DHP Immobilien Leasing GmbH

Planning period


Construction period


Building data

Plot size: 11,284 m²
Built up area: 5,480 m² (ohne Garage)
Gross floor area: 7,000 m² (ohne Garage)

Floor area ratio: 6,568 m²

Gross volume: ca. 35,000 m³

Approximate areas

Sales area SPAR: 3,442 m²

Mall area: 329 m²

Restaurant and shop: 322 m²

secondary & technical areas: 2,475 m²

Parking lot: 114 Stellplätze
Underground car park: 118 parking spaces (3,400 m²)


Preliminary design
Developed design
Planning application
Technical design
Service specifications

Award of contract


Completed (October 2019)


Project director: Thomas Schwed
Project leader: Hannes Schwed
Projekt team: Hannes Schwed, Franz Kreczy, Maximilian Urs Abele, Thomas Kropatschek (StudieVorentwurf), Severin Türk (StudieVorentwurf), Ghiyath Al Adarnali (EntwurfEinreichung), Carlos Alonso, Milica Paunovic (Ausführungsplanung)

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: Zieritz + Partner ZT GmbH, St. Pölten
Building physics: IC Consulenten ZT GmbH, Wien
Building services: Dick & Harner GmbH, Salzburg
Electrical engineering: Zuchna-Taferner GmbH, Mondsee
Energy & climate design: Bartenbach GmbH, Altrans/Tirol
Fire safety engineer: Oberbrandrat Klaus Fischer, Linz
Façade consulting: Vermessung Schlöglhofer, Amstetten
Verkehrsplanung: AXIS ZT GmbH, St. Pölten
Surveyor: Femacon Bauconsult GmbH, Wien


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