residential timber complex.


1100 Vienna (AT)

In the south of Vienna, new districts are being created and urban restructuring is taking place. New residential buildings are to be erected on former office locations from the 1980s.

Project category

New built


Immofinanz AG

Planning period


Building data

Gross floor area: 25,500 m²
Net floor area: 14,260 m²

Appoximate areas

Apartments: 209




Study completed


Project leader: Christoph Wassmann
Project team: Eugen Sares, Young-Jin Kim

For this residential building with 209 residential units, a concept is proposed which exploits the building depth of the building site through a varied play of projections and recesses with oriels and balconies. The building has no standard floor, each floor is unique. In the corridor area, the housing units form inner house communities and communal “living rooms” in front of the housing units. The storage rooms are located directly in front of the apartment door.

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