high-rise building nordbahnhof.



1020 Vienna (AT)

On the 85 ha Nordbahnhof site, the most important urban development area in Vienna, the tallest of the eight new high-rise buildings to be built is to be developed at 95 m, the highest of its total. It has a special urban development position in the free centre and is to play a key role as a district high-rise for the development of the guiding principles, identity and revitalisation of the district.


NL Architects

Project category



Erste gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft Heimstätte Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG

Planning period


Building data

Gross floor area: 21,600 m²
Floor area ratio: 23,910 m²

Approximate areas

Apartments: 350


Short listed competition


Competition complete


Project director: Christoph Wassmann
Project leader: Christoph Wassmann
Project team: Christoph Wassmann, Ekin Veziroglu, Denise Sokolowski 

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: Bollinger, Zieritz & Partner ZT GmbH

With both inexpensive and privately financed apartments on a gross floor area of 29,840 m², it is to be positioned on a mixed-use pedestal, together with a 35 m high town house with at least 6,520 m² gross floor area and one third residential use.


The residential tower designed is oriented towards several sides and its basic structure is a faceted, differentiated triangle with a central access zone and three attached 8 m deep wings.  On each of the 30 floors, at least 12 residential units are accessed via a collective meeting room, which is naturally lit via its three vertices and offers a view of the surroundings. At these points, it will be possible to attach attach communal areas in the form of verandas. The developed apartment types range from 57 m² Type B apartments with 2 rooms to 87 m² Type D apartments with 4 rooms.


In the base zone, an area designed as a winter garden connects the high-rise residential building including community and development areas located there with the open-use town house including commercial areas. With maximum permeability between inside and outside, various informal and commercial uses can be accommodated here.

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