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Postgasse 8

1010 Vienna (AT)

The heritage listed building complex of the former imperial central post office headquarter on a 6,000 m² site in central Vienna consists of five buildings from different periods which were reconstructed 1849-54 and joined together with a unified façade.

Project category



Postgasse Entwicklungs OG

Planning period


Building data

Gross floor area: 67,600 m²

Approximate areas

Living: 8,400 m²

Hotel: 11,100 m²

Office: 13,400 m²

Business: 1,050 m²

Sport/Fitness: 5,950 m²

Garage: 6,400 m², ca. 160 parking spots

technical areas, secondary areas


Project development


Preliminary design

Developed design

Planning application

Compiling of cost evaluation basis

Technical design


Technical design


Project director: Markus Klausecker

Project leader: Claudiu Silvestru

Project team: Carlos Alonso, Susanne Boyer, Verena Boyer, Jaroslava Brhelova, Panagiota Georgelou, Erim Gökalpay, Majed Naseri, Akvile Rimantaite, Penelope Rüttimann, Kristyna Trojanova, Anna Turbok

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH

Building services: ALLPLAN GmbH

Building physics: iC consulenten ZT GmbH

Aussenraumgestaltung: Land In Sicht

Verkehrsplanung: con.sens verkehrsplanung zt gmbh

The building complex is to undergo a comprehensive, conservation-oriented renovation including a homogeneous roof conversion, thereby contributing to the regeneration and enhancement of the historic surrounding in the heart of Vienna. The redevelopment will house a 47,000 m² gross floor area mixed use of apartment hotel, residential, co-working and office space, gastronomy as well as leisure and fitness and a 5-storey underground car park.

The largest of the four inner courtyards will be opened to the public and serves as a semi-public passage between Postgasse and Dominikanerbastei. All yet unused ground floor levels will be reactivated. All courtyards will be particularly designed, partly as urban squares and partly planted.

The central building Dominikanerhof will house the hotel, offices and gastronomy. Thereby winter gardens will extend the ground floors and revitalize the courtyard. A total of 180 hotel- and residential units will be situated around the smaller courtyards. In and around the historically roofed Herzmanskyhof, a generous fitness area with a high standard including spa and lounge areas will be accommodated.

Gastronomy, leisure and fitness facilities are available for hotel-guests, residents, office users and the public.

A new build four-storey public underground car park underneath the building Dominikanerhof will serve the building-complex.

The project is scheduled for completion late 2020, early 2021.

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