attic extension franzensgasse.

Franzensgasse 16

1050 Vienna (AT)

After removing the existing roof construction from an existing building, a single-storey, staggered attic extension will be built over the entire property.

Design and submission

BWM Architekten

Project category

Conversion, extension​


MVP Immobilien und Beteiligungen GmbH

Planning period


Construction period


Building data

Plot size: 717 m²
Gross floor area: 342 m²
Gross volume: 1,317 m³


Technical design

Local constriction coordination




Project leader: Anita Lischka
Project team: Franz Kreczy

Consultants and specialist planners

Structural engineer: kppk ZT Gmbh
Building physics: kppk Gmbh
Building services: kppk Gmbh
Fire safety engineer: kppk Gmbh
BauKG: Wolf Sicherheitstechnik

In the attic two new apartments with surrounding terraces will be built as well as two roof terraces. As an opening measure, the existing lift shaft and the staircase will be extended into the attic. The larger apartment has 142 m² NGF, 94 m² terrace and 63 m² roof terrace. The smaller apartment has 108 m² NGF, 61 m² terrace and 85 m² roof terrace.

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