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60313 Frankfurt (DE)

The 43 m high office and commercial high-rise “Bienenkorbhaus” is one of the first high-rise buildings in Frankfurt and was built in 1954 by architect Johannes Krahn for the Frankfurter Sparkasse in 1822. In terms of urban planning, it marks the western edge of the Konstablerwache, one of Frankfurt’s largest inner-city junctions.

HMA Architekten
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RFR Management GmbH

Planning period

Since 2019​

Construction period

Since 2019​


Up to approval planning as support for HMA Architects.

Solely responsible architects for

Technical design, award of contract, costing, construction supervision, artistic overhead management.


Preliminary design


Project director: Damian Witt

The building complex consisting of the 12-storey high-rise building at the Konstablerwache and a six-storey extension at the Zeil has a total of 7,000 m² of office space and 3,500 m² of retail space. The horizontal window bands with natural stone façade of the high-rise building, including individual square windows on the top floor, are striking.


In the course of the current renovation of the high-rise building, the 9 office floors and the uppermost residential floor will be renovated to the latest standards in interior design and building services and the listed façade revitalized.


Construction is scheduled to start in spring 2020 and will be carried out in three phases.

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60313 Frankfurt (DE)



60311 Frankfurt (DE)